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Vanessa Carlton - "Be Not Nobody"

The first few times I heard of "A Thousand Miles", I went online and thought of ordering the single. Or maybe the whole album. Good thing I didn't. No, it wasnt because the album was not worth it, but it was released in the Philippines shortly after. This album is a good start for someone who started to think of music late after being a ballerina in her younger years.

Ordinary Day and Thousand Miles will surely get you listening to tracks 1 and 3, but go through the whole CD and you'd find out why everyone thinks Vanessa is the next best thing.

Sounds Like: Tori Amos and Barbie Almalbis combined
Looks Like : Stare at the album cover, isnt that Jennifer Aniston? Then watch her videos, she's the spittin image of our own Jolina Magdangal.
Rating : Great album. Take It.