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John Mayer - "Room For Squares"
Released : September 18, 2001

Currently the toast of the blog world as the CD having the most spins in their players. The reason is simple. The album and all its 14 tracks (plus a bonus untitled track), are sort of journals of John Mayer and "post-its" to himself. Listen to "My Stupid Mouth" and you will believe. "One more thing / Why is it my fault?/ So maybe I try too hard / But it's all because of this desire / I just wanna be liked, I just wanna be funny / Looks like the jokes on me / So call me captain backfire". There you go. The third serving from a guy who read a lot of girl teen magazines to know what they want and what they like. Go take it.

Sounds Like: Dave Matthews Band
Rating : Let's see his next if its still is a masterpiece as this one.