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Morcheeba "Charango"
Released : July 7, 2002 (Europe), July 16, 2002 (US) and August 15, 2002 (Philippines)

Still unreleased in the US Market (officially on July 16th), this new CD from Morcheeba is potentially their best. A 12-track album that transcends various chill-out music Morcheeba has been known. Charango is a small guitar which traditionally is made of armadillo shell, opens the carrier single. In fact, Morcheeba used flugelhorns, acoustic guitars, flute, harp, violins, a Morricone-style bassoon interspersed in all of the album's fine music.

Choosing a standout is like choosing a favorite child. All 12 tracks have differing traits that one can choose a number, push forward to that track and chill out repeating the track at least 3x. One can drive along the lake and be immersed in deep contentment with tracks like "Undress Me Now", and "Way Beyond". But overall, just flip in the disc and be calmed with music that soothes and relaxes your nerves.

Sounds Like: a better sounding Morcheeba and they were already great prior to this
Rating : Definitely a 5-star.