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David Bowie "Heathen"
Released : June 2, 2002

Hmmmm. Let me see. David Bowie is playing tonight at the Montreux Jazz Festival - and - and - I didn't scramble for tickets...what could be the reason for such a decision? Maybe because Mr. Bowie, Ziggy himself hasn't released any respectable album of late. But this album is a reunion of sorts (just like U2) with the producer who got him out of the Stardust eras. So maybe with tracks like "Afraid", a cover of the Pixies "Cactus", "Angels Have Gone" and the title track will make me buy a ticket from a scalper? Those are 4 reasons out of the 12 tracks!

Update: I saw Mr. Bowie live that night. Definitely no regrets. I hope the CD will also work out the same for you.

Sounds Like: David Bowie pre-80s
Rating : I am biased. 5 stars.


Oasis - "Heathen Chemistry"
Released : July 2, 2002

Six degrees of separation. Dave Matthews to Oasis. Dave Matthews - David Bowie (both Dave's), Heathen to Heathen Chemistry, (both are CDs). Forget about the spats between the brothers. Forget about the chest-thumping ego maniacal statements the two have made but this CD is going to throw you back to the 90s, with their first two albums. Correction. It will throw you back to the 60s with the Beatles' era. Defintely, not just maybe, a good way to listen to the young John and Paul, Ringo and George. As Amazon puts it, "... if a band is going to unapologetically rip off what was unquestionably the best band in the world, no one does it better than Oasis."

Sounds Like: obviously, the greatest Boy Band in the world - the Beatles
Rating : touchy-touchy. But I bought it. at P 280.