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Dave Matthews Band- "Busted Stuff"
Released : July 16, 2002

I got hooked with DMB with "Crash" and plastered with "The Best of What's Around", then cemented with "Everyday". That oh-so-familiar-timbre of a voice as cool as, yes, Sting, was enough for me to shop around for more stuff. Just last year, I tumbled upon "Lillywhite Sessions" from where-else - the Internet and thought it was a weird idea from a label to not produce the album with such great stuff and allow it to be released only in the internet. Of course, I didnt know that the screwed up producer wanted to get back at DMB and leaked samples of what could be a great masterpiece. Just the same, the South African band and their "Lillywhite BUSTED Stuff" are here to stay, not pirated, and with digitally mastered copies of the "original sessions", the 11-track album will be a good buy for any DMB fanatic like me.

Sounds Like: Dave Matthews Band
Rating : This is the original DMB. John Mayer is just a by-product.