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Norah Jones - "Come Away With Me"
Released : February 26, 2002

They're getting younger these days. This 22-year old by-product of famous musician, Rajiv Shankar (well, if you don't know him then either he is not that famous or you've got to brush up on with your music history), has been a college-dorm favorite since her release of her debut CD. In the Philippines, music lovers are starting to bridge the gap between their parents kind of music and theirs. This is the best counterpoint of all. Plug the CD and your mom will not know that your taste has changed from Linkin Park to Billie Holiday. Nope mom, its just Norah, not the Guy, but the sexy-sultry voiced lady with a great profile (see front cover and then compare with the backside). Grab this one will you.

Sounds Like: Nina Simone
Rating : You can't get wrong if your mom likes it, you could have an allowance raise in a jiffy.