Take It Or Leave It

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A Film Written and Directed (and Acted) by M(ichael) Night Shyamalan

It started with big gasp by Mel Gibson and ended with collective sighs from the audience. This so-called next Alfred Hitchcock with that favorite walk-on parts in his own films has lost it. Maybe on his way to the corn fields. Yes, you'd still get some jolts here and there but the best sign of them all is the fact that M.Night found his next best career - acting.

After a sophomore jinx with Unbreakable, there is no redemption here, but a strike no. 2 for Shyamalan. Joaquin Phoenix steals the show with his good acting. Although admittedly I loved the mix of fear and family in this film. There is no gasping on that.

Looks Like : the best sign of all is the marquee sign of the other films beside "Sign"
Rating : Just like the crop circles, my rating is a big O.