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All the Right Moves
A Novel by Tara February Tiukinhoy Sering
Published by : Slam/ Adarna (September 2002)
Price: P 80.00

I might make a mistake. That's why I'm not going to bombard you with the mumbo-jumbo of the gist of this novel by a favorite writer.
It took me three times to go out of the labyrinth that is "All the Right Moves" til I finally liked the ending. How was that? You can choose the romance that you like. I chose the free falling ending because it was my ideal story for a JS Prom. Plus all the other virtues I think fit for the audience of the novel should have (obedience to parents, the real meaning of love, etc etc.) All these in less than an hour of reading while in traffic along the Bicutan Service Road. Quick pace, large fonts, but, the only thing I found to be the problem - the quality of the paper. With all the page flipping, it surely has to give way. Hmmm, maybe the only wrong move after all.

Reads Like: a non-linear flick like uhmmm Jologs? or those Make-Your-Ending Adventure Books I gobbled down in Grade School
Rating : Choose your own rating, my left thumb is already up.


Pasong Tamo (beside Citimotors), Makati City
Visited: September 4-5, 2002

The best way to check if a new haunt is really hot as others say it is - is to check them on a weekday. So that's what my biz partner did on a late Wednesday night. At half past ten, the almost 100+sq. m nook beside the legendary ABGs was your ordinary beer place. Until 3 Mustang ladies troop the bar. But the rampage of the mustang is not yet felt, in fact, the only raunchy sight one could experience from this Coyote-Ugly inspired bar are the male guests who are asked to drink their fill, half naked, kneeling down. Well, the ladies grind well and if that's the thing you were thinking off, more than wet tees or some skin, then you can have your fill from the first dance at 10:30 pm to 10:35 pm and head for home. "I'm on my home, traffic lang dito sa may Pasong Tamo before South Superhighway" said the text message of the male patron beside me, probably to his wife. At 12 midnight, you'd have to squeeze your way out of the jaunt.

Looks Like: your ordinary beer joint just made sexier and ok, a touch of class with the slang of the Mustang ladies
Rating : Beer is P 80. That's the only thing I enjoyed. (aw cmon. ok ok and some lady guests too....i just ogled)


A Movie by Ned Trespeces
Directed by Gilbert Perez
Produced by : Star Cinema (Released : August 2002)

Before going to any Filipino movie, I always had initial thoughts of doing the deed out of pity. Or maybe out of forced choice. But mostly because some people say that this new Filipino film is different. With movies such as Magkapatid (Viva Films) and Trip (Star Cinema) and their rather "so-called depth", I am utterly compelled to give my precious two-hours (never mind my P 100) to being locked in a theatre, alone, waiting to be mugged anytime, doing it to give the Philippine cinema a chance. But no, there was no mugging tonight as I saw the film in its entirety and enjoyed it immensely. No need to say that I enjoy films that make you think and allow you be a part of the loop. Such films can now include Jologs. Please note that I had the choice of watching it on "pirated" video CD, but to my amazement, the past week has not shown a single copy from my favorite Captain Hooks. Makes you wonder.

Seems Like: Magnolia and Memento rolled into one. Great escapists movie.
Rating : Had a good laugh, and really wanted to have one. So I met my objective.