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The Bourne Identity
Based on the Novel by Robert Ludlum

Flat. The characters were flat. Matt Damon can't be an action star. There was so much running around the bush.(duh? ano raw?) Such a waste of money. Told you the movie can never be better than the book. Did you see the girl? she looks like the female version of Mark Wahlberg. Was Franka Potente the one in Run Lola Run? Maybe that's why they got her. She's good in running.

Enough! You guys just go straight to the john and stop criticizing a good film. (checking nose)

Yes, while going out of the theatre you'd hear the best ones. They werent talking about different things. Just one. The Bourne Identity it is. But I saw it as a good take into espionage movies. Something different. A car chase wherein before it actually happens, the guy being chased checks a map. There were no high tech gadgets used. No fancy cars. Just plain intelligent spy vs. spy movie.

Looks Like: another movie of the talented Mr. Damon which doesnt show his real talent - writing. (remember Good Will Hunting?)
Rating : I have to bite the bullet here and tell you to - watch it. No refunds from me.