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The Rookie
Produced by : Walt Disney Films
Starring : Dennis Quaid

Note that I just placed one name in the captions? Just because. Why don't they do films like these anymore? Is it safe to say that Disney is the only one capable of coming up with a movie for the whole family. You dont have to be a sports buff to understand the movie (remember "Any Given Sunday" with all the drafting chu-chus? or "Remembering the Titans" with all the reference to special teams, what are those?). For this film, its plain and simple - miracles happen and dreams do come true (even for the oldest possible rookie ever).

One scene really captures the whole essence of the film, the one in the stands prior to the first major game when Morris discovers that his wife and kid are watching. If you just can see the smile on Dennis' face...emotional and heartwarming at the same time.

Looks Like: Disney is not a rookie in these genre of films - great Family Entertainment.
Rating : A Homerun. Catch it.