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I'd Spend My Day With You
A Collection of Possible Pop Songs, Volume 1 (2002)
Released by : Universal Records

Its not rare that I buy CDs with at most 1 group or 1 track that I know. I've been doing that since twenty years ago. Scrounging over bargain bins for that oh so wonderful discoveries. More often than not I enjoy the music and regard myself the Amerigo Vespucci of these musicians.

So with this CD, I was just looking at one of the Tower Records assistants bringing this giant album image standee and asked him to give me a copy of the CD. He got the copy straight from the carton. Paid it and played it in my laptop's Media Player. This was more than a month ago. Contrary to the album compilation title, its been playing since then and I still discover new sounds and liking this 20-track album more and more as I listen closely to every track. Start with "Love Among Stars" by the Cherry Orchard and you get drawn back to groups such Orange Juice and the Pale Fountains, listen to tracks 2 to 4, then to the samba sounding track 7, "Headphone Romance" by the Crooner and you will say the CD has got it made. It just paid for the P425. Add groups with name recall such as Club 8 and ashby and you get every song thereafter as a bonus.

Sounds Like: An array of pop songs that mixes 80s-jazzy-and laid back music.
Rating : To add a twist to every song, listen to the lyrical juxtapose of each and discover a quotable line or two. A line from "Love Among the Stars" goes "A love like ours was meant to beā€¦and all these stars shine just for you and me". Sappy. But sappy-great.


Twisted 6 (2002)
Essays by: Jessica Zafra
Published by: Anvil Publishing
Price: P 195.00 with a free copy of FLIP:The Official Guide to World Domination

What's the difference between Jessica Zafra's Twisted series and the bloggers you read around? Not much. One, Jessica's commentaries are of the same space, politics, entertainment, government and other observations pertinent to everyday Filipino conundrum. Most bloggers do the same. Two, Jessica's essays are singular entries almost done everyday for a period of one year. Most bloggers have been doing the same for the last 2-3 years.

We can run down similarities and differences, but one thing is sure - Zafra's Twisted 6 is well-written with the end in mind of being able to provide readers a different vantage point of past events (although they may be 2 years old already). These include Erap and EDSA 2, movies in 2000 and 2001, censorship, Glorietta bombings and being checked indiscriminately by guards almost everytime one enters a mall or a theatre.

Enjoying the sarcasm is just a bonus.

Looks Like: If Bloggers improve their style (some of them are close if not at par with the 3-time Palanca awardee), there might not be a Twisted 7.
Rating :Without the complimentary copy of Flip Magazine, this would have been read several times at Powerbooks, 2-3 entries a day for the next 2-3 months. Still is a good read, although who cares about Survivor II, when we are already on Survivor IV?