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Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood
Based on the Novel by Rebecca Wells
US Release : June 7 Philippine Release : September 11

Lucky are those who have friends since childhood, or from Grade School and have stuck it out with each other eversince. I hope they wouldn't mind being called your "YaYa".

The movie gives a new meaning to the word - friendship. The movie just made it synonymous to "devotion". A friendship not broken by anything. A friendship surviving through mental illness, loss of family or work, alcohol or substance abuse or just plainly distance and time.

Sidda (Sandra Bullock, she's getting to be irritating here just like her role in 28 days) just made some dark family secrets out in the open in the most public way, through Time Magazine. This leads to the consternation of mom, Vivi (Ellen Burstyn), who between the two of them exchange parcels of hate, long distance calls, obnoxious behavior for the next 10-15 frames. Enter the YaYa sisters who help reunite the two by kidnapping (in a different way) Sidda and allowing her to understand and appreciate Vivi through the various secrets, their own experiences and travails as part of the sisterhood.

Realistic in the sense that there indeed are friends who regard each other higher than family or kin. Sharing secrets and lies more than their own boyfriends and spouses.

Looks Like: started like "Stand by Me" and ended like "Grumpy Old (Wo)Men"
Rating : A movie to bring your friends, or maybe your own true YaYa.
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