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Iced version
Starbucks' (Iced) Cafe Mocha Valencia
Price: P 100 for a tall order

The formula is like the theory of relativity E=MC2 (Espresso with milk, chocolate and cream). Add Valencia grated peel and Orange Syrup and you have a coffee that is strong (there are 2 shots of Espresso) and fruity. The first time I tasted it, I remembered I forgot to drink my daily dose of Vitamin C capsule. Eventually, you'd either go back to your ole Cafe Mocha (dropping the orangy taste) or just take your dose of VitC everytime, and not mix both in one drink.


Road to Perdition
Starring : Tom Hanks (in his strongest shot at a 3rd Oscar)
Also Starring: Paul Newman and Jude Law
Directed by: Sam Mendes (American Beauty)
US Release : July 12 Philippine Release : September 18

I confess I wasn't able to withstand the wait for its theatrical release. The reason will be very clear come the 18th when you'd step out of the cinema shaking your head telling yourself and agreeing with me that its the best for the year.

The movie is slow. But enough for you to see the great cinematic artistry of Sam Mendes and highlight the underacting of Tom Hanks as Michael Sullivan, a man who loses half his family but gains the respect of a son. This movie should be the best anti-thesis for Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood (see below) which is a mom-daughter affair.

A hit-man for Mafia-boss John Rooney (Paul Newman), Tom Hanks serves with utmost loyalty which leads Newman's own son to take action less he loses stock in his own dad's eyes. Events unfold leading to Sullivan and his son's travails captured through the lens of Jude Law, a supposed crime fotog who captures his last picture - that of Sullivan. All these mesh together and sprinkled with Mendes' artistic use of the camera to come up with such brilliant use of all the moviegoer's senses.

Looks Like: Tom is preparing his speech for a 3rd Oscar
Rating : All roads should lead to this film come the 18th - The Road to Perfection.
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