Take It Or Leave It

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Paperback Edition
The Devil and Miss Prym
Written by: Paolo Coelho
Released : Summer 2002

There are two things that prevent us from achieving our dreams: believing them to be impossible or seeing those dreams made possible by some sudden turn of the wheel of fortune, when you least expect it.

So goes the completion of the trilogy of love, death and power (By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Veronika Decides to Die and this book). All 3 masterpieces happening in a span of a week.

In this edition, my favorite author decides to play with a town which he places in a struggle to choose between good and evil, between light and darkness. It is with the thesis that the world is always in a state of quandary to know what to do, whether it will be as successful as Jesus’ own test with the devil.

It is compelling enough not to reveal what the town would do until the end. At the same time, its lyrical prose allows the reader to also question himself intermittently during the light reading.

Its not a whodunit book, but a "whatwudyoudo." Take it. Take it!


I will ramble now on my on-flight movie entertainment aboard Air France while flying back to Manila. I saw three films (they showed SpiderMan, Collateral Damage and Unfaithful as well, but you’ve seen those, am sure)

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Life or Something Like It
Starring: Angeline Jolie, Edward Burns and Tony Shalhoub

Another film on “living your life to the fullest”. But this time with a twist. A street prophet, Prophet Jack (Tony Shalhoub) tells a soon-to-be famous newscaster, Lanie Kerrigan played by Angelina Jolie, the usual weather and sports forecast but caps it by telling her that she will die within a week’s time. As the whole week flashes through Jolie, her own cameraman (Edward Burns) plays a major role in showing her other aspects in life which changes the paradigm of the gung ho career woman.

I liked the plot as it interspersed motivation in one’s career, making life’s dreams come true at the same time balance in life in one movie. It was a good take in the cliché “to live the day as if it would be your last”.

It was a great airplane ride film. Kept me awake (which was kind of bad).


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The Clock Stoppers
Starring: Jesse Bradford, French Stewart and Paula Garces

Wow! If we had this gadget floating around, just imagine what it would do for simple people like me. But the premise of slowing down time will not work in the Philippines. First, if I use it to travel, it would be useless in EDSA traffic wherein even a bike cant get through the volume of cars linked by bumpers. Second, it will not do well in curbing crime because graft and corruption is done under the table and sometimes in a flutter of a second. Of course I was joking.

I actually didn’t finish the movie. I realized it was a waste of time. Rather than a clock stopper it was a brain stopper. Watch it for the effects and for Paula Garces, but don’t pay your way in to see people doing a Statue Dance at a touch of a wristwatch.


French with English Subtitiles
Starring: Cecile de France, Bruno Putzulu
Directed by: Ivan Calberac

Hmm. Imagine “Amelie” or maybe “Bridget Jones” to be a recently turned 30-year old Parisian, single, with a good job, friends, a new apartment overlooking Paris but lacking and hoping to have a serious relationship, this time not with a Foto-Me discards collector – but to a painter. With all these, then you can say, you've seen “Irene”. Add high tech devices such as Instant Messenging and Webcam communication, then you’ve got one French movie to watch out for.

This French Film is a great flight entertainment. Although the Paris setting is not your usual Montmartre environs (like “Amelie” or “Moulin Rouge”) or City Centre/Pont Neuf (like “Bourne Identity”), the film is a great way to study French (especially with the English subtitles).

The movie is passable, d'accord (ok!).