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All His No.1's in 1
Elvis 30 #1 Hits
Released : September 24, 2002 abroad

I was in City Disc in Vevey when I was standing behind the counter, holding my "The Best of Cranberries" CD (See below) and seeing at least half a dozen other Caucasians holding on to a brownish looking CD with ELVS on the cover. "Oh well, must be a new European band, trying to swipe away good Swiss francs from this High School kiddos", I said to myself. And then in the airport going back to Manila, I saw in the latest Rolling Stones (I read for free from newsstands, you know) that all the No.1 hits of the KING and his latest no.1 "A Little Less Conversation" have been released as part of a 30-track CD, I realized what a fool I was not getting myself this CD. Thirty tracks, all no.1, not just in Billboard charts but also in Europe and other countries!

So if I mentioned (see below again) that if there are at least 5 songs that make up a great CD, what if there were 30??????

Update: I got my copy from O (Powerplant) for P 450, not bad. I could've bought it at P800 if bought from abroad. Buti na lang


Their Greatest Hits
Stars: The Best of Cranberries 1992-2002
Released : September 2002

It's this particular group that was able to allow me to let go off my passion for 80s music (at least for some time). What with their Dolores O Riordan's wailing waif and the band's catchy unique rhythm. Songs like "Linger" and of course "Dreams" were daily tunes I carried inside the shower. I also tried committing harakiri a number of times singing "Zombie" in Karaoke bars in the mid 90s (private ones with some faithful friends at that), it is also the latest serving of songs such as "Just My Imagination" and "Analyze" that cement the fact that this band was not "just" meant for 2-record greatness. And both tracks are great driving songs at that. So if you take 5 great songs, plus a mish mash of what I missed in between, add 2 unreleased songs (including New New York, an ode to the great city after 911), then you've got a great album for the taking.

I still hold true to my maxim that if the album has at least 3 great songs, then its something worthy to buy. In Stars, there are at least 9, so you know what I mean if I say that this is going to be worth every peso you've got, especially if you sing-along a lot!