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Free with Oct 02 Cosmo
Getting Better
A Novel Written by: Tara February Tiukinhoy Sering
Released : October 2002

What if I tell you I think this was an autobiography, you wouldn't believe me. I'm sure. What if Tara was Karen, since she is within her age bracket (mid twenties), she lives in an apartment (which maybe beside a honeymooners den where you need a broomstick to rap on the wall to tell them that the sex wailings has gone past normal levels), that she works in a creative environment (Karen being in advertising, Tara being in the fashion magazine world), and that she probably has a math factor of career over marriage equals 5-year target.

But in this freebie (ha! I thought the magazine was the freebie) for Cosmopolitan October 2002 issue, the characters have been well laid out that you'd feel that you know them. Co-employees talking about each other, a stubborn selfish boyfriend, future mother-in-laws who think living-in is living-in-sin, a dad who believes that your boyfriend has a great future, friends that think the same way too, etc. etc. All in 78 pages, you'd find so much commercials (maybe plugging for Cosmo advertisers too) like Chanel, Skyflakes, Marc Nelson (beefcake who comes out in the Male 2003 Calendar of Cosmo), that you'd believe Cosmo released this to please their advertisers. But no.

Just remember these facts: It's well written. It's a great read. It's so Cosmo. For P100, you get a free magazine and Karen is Tara.

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