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Anime-Virgin (that's moi)
Written by : Ozamu Tezuka (1949)
Theatrical Release : 2001
Video Release in the Phils : 2002
Time: 100 minutes

I was holding the DVD (on sale at P550) but was tentative in forking out that much (even if it was on sale, close to $10) for an anime. I'm not into it. Even when I was a kid when every 4 to 6 pm meant to be time for Robots just like 6-8 nowadays for Telenovelas. I didnt even curse then President Marcos when he banned the same type of robot-shows from the boob tube.

But when the opportunity to get the VCD at P 150 (yes Virginia, that's just $3), I said "what the heck" and included it among my stash of VCD/DVDs to see in the next couple of days.

The story was simple. As they term it - a succession of events. Whatever that means.

A mad scientist builds the ultimate artificial super-being, Tima. Who like any man-made creation is destined to take power and control of the world. Somehow, things go wrong and this unprogrammed robot (much like AI) is left alone to learn about life, humans and robots. As the quest for some to use her to change the fate of mankind, there were others who want her destroyed because of she posts great harm to humanity. All these happening in the great city called Metropolis.

I liked it. In fact, I think I enjoyed the whole 100 minutes. But its not for everyone, as others enjoyed it, not everyone will. But if its just for P 150, you probably would say the same "What the heck, I'll take it!"

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