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Brought back interest in Indie Films
sex, lies and videotape
Written and Directed by : Steven Soderbergh (debut, 1989)
Starring: James Spader (Best Actor), Andie McDowell and Peter Gallagher
Theatrical Release : Cannes Film Festival 1989 (Grand Prize)
Video Release in the Phils : 2002 by Viva
Price: P 150 or 3 Euros
Time: 101 minutes

Whatever happened to James Spader? Such a brilliant actor in the 80s with movies such as Pretty in Pink, The Mannequin, Less Than Zero and yes, Endless Love. Whatever happened to him, his performance in sex,lies and videotape will allow you to remember what a fine actor he was and will be very memorable to anyone who've seen him in his early films.

In here, he creates an aura of mystery played out in utter understated fashion. Underacting, in short. With his eye brows and lips, he was able to carry out a character that created hate from his former classmate (Gallagher), lust (San Giacomo) and love (McDowell). I end the synopsis at that.

This debut film by Soderbergh (remember him as the director nominated twice in one year for Best Director for Traffic and Erin Brokovich) was probably his best.If not for Preview magazine's tribute to this film as the Best Indie Film in the last 15 years (budget of 1.2 million USD, unheard of nowadays) and Viva's video release in the Philippines, all happening in the last two weeks, I wouldnt have seen such a masterpiece.

Lastly, get a grip on the last 10 minutes of the film. What I meant, is to watch it closely.