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Stupid Movie that Wanted to be a Great One
Mr. Deeds
Starring: Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder
Philippine Release : October 9, 2002

Small town pizzeria owner LongFellow Deeds (Sandler) was supposed to receive $40 billion as a will from an unknown uncle. This was big news for the big city. Here comes newslady Babe (Ryder) wanting to catch the next biggest scoop on the Billionaire and pretends to be a small town lass herself, beguiling Deeds to fall in love. But - but - she ends up falling for his naivety and rather big heart (saving ladies and 7 cats in distress). At the same time, Deeds not knowing what to do with new found fame and fortune, loses some points as he paints the town red and to add some bad boy image, the film introduces John McEnroe (they shouldve hired Dennis Rodman). This leads to negative press for the company he supposes to own yada yada yada...

So, if you want to kick your shoes, relax, buy popcorn and Mountain Dew, and watch a film to take your week-long stress then Mr. Deeds will be perfect for you.

But if you are scrimping on your P 80-P 130, depending on where you watch the film, then save it! Don't let the proverbial fancy Hollywood Marketing fool you. ooops, sorry that was their catch phrase "Don't Let the Fancy Clothes Fool You".