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The Long Wait Was Worth It!
A Million Stories
by Mojofly
Released : October 12, 2002
Price: P 250 or 5 Euros

Sophomore jinx? No way! This album after 3 years of waiting was worth all the wait. As it starts with the first single "Steady"which might give you the impression that Mojofly just started where it left off in 1999. Same type of music. Same timbre of Kitchie. Same guitar of Ricci. You might even believe that it was inspired by Torpe by Hungry Young Poets (where Ricci Gurango started and was the main man). But as you move to the next track "Something Worthwhile" you'd know that the title speaks true of the whole album.

My favorite here is Track 11: Hello. It's so Indie. It's so Ricci. I just love it. One thing, the voice impressions of Ernie, Bert, Oscar (of Sesame Street fame) and the Warner music sound-alike, - they were cute, but they can do without them.