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Enhanced CDs should be like This!
Press and Play
by Moonstar 88
Released : July 2002
Price: P 250 or 5 Euros

Never mind if their website has been taken down. I think this happened just recently. But this CD should make up for anything that's inside the group's website. A digital experience indeed! A trivia game (where I scored 0 out of 3), 3 videos (Sulat, Torete and a surprise one entitled Untamed, uh oh, 'di na surprise), and a gamut of pictures from the group. Ang galing talaga! And I'm just talking about the enhanced CD portion.

"Press and Play" is a breakthrough album for the group. After the record-smashing, "Popcorn" - their first album released in 2001, everyone was saying that they were it. A Flash in the Pan. PAP will prove otherwise. A collaboration of all 4 members, as they pitched in their competencies in making this album a great one, all 12 songs show varying styles. The first single, "Sulat" had a TV debut ahead of the CD, and was received with rave reviews. The producers might have had a hard time choosing the next single. No worries Mr. Producer, fans and non-fans alike should buy the whole album (there's no need, since we do not really release singles in the Philippines). Take it!

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