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Scary Fun!
The Ring
Released : October 18, 2002
Starring : Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive) and David Dorfman (Bounce)
Directed by: Gore Verbinski

Please don't watch this movie:

1. Although it's the most compelling movie seen in the last couple of years.
2. Although it's regarded as better than "Sixth Sense" and "Blair Witch" in edge-of-seat thrill.
3. Although it's the creepiest movie with the least violence and in fact, blood-less, which will really make discussions from movie watchers last til midnight.
4. Although it's the most underrated film casting the most beautiful set of future young stars of Hollywood.
5. Although it was the film that knocked off fully-marketed "Red Dragon" from No.1 slot this weekend.

You'd know why you should'nt watch the film - after you've seen it! Rated 10 stars out of 5!