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With Bonus CD
Phantom Planet
"The Guest"
Released : February 2002

Phantom Planet was introduced into my consciousness via the soundtrack of "Orange County" with the haunting piano intro of "California". A 12-track CD supporting the great performance was relegated to the background, even if released in the Philippines for P425 ($8). In Fry's this evening, I had to give in as the live version of "California" was included in the International release. With a tag of $9.00 (only - with bonus CD!), it surely became part of my night's stash.

Here are the listing of songs:
1. California - great intro, most catchy amongst the 12
2. Always on My Mind - reminds you of a Crowded House song
3. Lonely Day- hey, a better version of the Weezers
4. One Ray of Sunlight - an Oasis wannabee song
5. Anthem - about love for music, and definitely the best track of all
6. In Our Darkest Hour - guitar licking good - am I hearing Ramones?
7. Turn Smile Shift Repeat - a young McCartney on the vocals ?
8. Hey Now Girl - a bit of techno music with guitars on the intro
9. Nobody's Fault - the best vocal rendition in the album
10. All Over Again - Rolling Stones intro, but fizzles out
11. Wishing Well - hmmmm, what's the sci-fi intro all about?
12. Something is Wrong - best acoustic guitar heard in last months

This CD is not for everyone, but definitely I enjoyed it. With the bonus CD, live versions of "California" and "Do The Panic" you might do the do the same thing I did - wait for it to be placed in the Bargain Bins before you decide to buy!