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1st Album since 99
Faith Hill
Released : October 15, 2002

After the multi-platinum and multi-awarded Country Album, "Breathe", Faith Hill releases "Cry".

When I opened the CD coming from Camarillo (Calabasas) outlet, I was thinking why I bought the CD in the first place? Maybe the price? ($12.93 - nope). Maybe its because its at no. 1? Nope. This is my first taste of Faith Hill and country music. And boy, did I get a big jolt. I thought I bought a Celine Dion album. Yuck! Tables were overturned. Envelops were pushed too far. Faith has pulled the plug from her country days and is shifting into territories she first ventured when she was included in the "Divas" album. At least, if there's somebody to replace Celine in pop queendom, someone as hot as Faith will do it. But she doesnt belt the way Miss Dion does....Here's a message to Faith Hill : "please have faith, don't let us "Cry" the next time we buy your next album."

Passable tracks include: Cry, One, If You;'re Gonnay Fly Away. Please leave it behind. Really.


1994 Album
K's Choice
"Great Subconscious Club"
Released : September 27, 1994

5 great reasons to join the subconscious club:

5. You are a lover of groups who come from Belgium or from Europe.
4. You love groups that continue to flourish despite no commercial breaks.
3. You love guitar-centered bands.
2. You love Indigo Girls or Shawn Calvin, and are great influences for K's music.
1. You're not shy owning something from a recommendation of a friend, not knowing, not hearing anything by and from the group and ending up happy after realizing that the group has the potential of becoming a part of your roster of favorite groups.

Here is the listing of songs:
1. Me Happy
2. Breakfast
3. I Smoke a Lot
4. Walk Away
5. Elegia
6. My Heart - Gert Bettens
7. I Wanna Meet the Man
8. What the Hell Is Love
9. I Will Return to You
10. Ballad of Lea & Phaul
11. Winter
12. Laughing as I Pray