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3 Great Albums all out in One week!
U2 - The Best of 1990-2000
Released : November 4, 2002
Price:$ 19.99 with a free DVD

A 30-track double CD of U2's best tracks from the last decade. I can imagine how hard it was to choose the best from this band's 2nd decade. Tracks like "One", Batman ST's "Hold Me Kiss Me Thrill Me Kill Me", to new hits like "Stuck in a Moment" are all part of a solid disc 1 offering. With 6 of the 16 songs in its remixed version and 2 tracks previously unreleased. Disc 2 offers The best B sides in the world plus remixes of possible A side tracks! wow. If we were in a Home TV Shopping, surely I'd say - "And there's more!!!!" - it has a free DVD of live concerts from 1990-2000. This is something that surely should and must not be missed by any serious U2 fan.

Nirvana - "Nirvana"
Price: $ 12.98

A disc 8-years (why are they saying its 10) after the death of lead singer Kurt Cobain in April 5, 1994, this CD is here as a posthumous collection of all that there was and one single that was supposed to be. Four tracks from "Nevermind" - the best album in the last decade as voted by Rolling Stones (Teen Spirit, Lithium, Come As You Are and In Bloom), Three from "Bleach", Two from MTV Unplugged and a couple as well from "In Utero" comprise the collection of the best band there was (sorry Pearl Jam) in the 90s. Its unreleased track, "You Know You're Right" - was the last track recorded by Kurt in 1994 and you really can feel the pain as he utters the word "pain" with such deliberate angst from the bridge to the chorus of the song. Great song indeed, part of the greatest album of the group. If you are a Nirvana freak, this shouldnt be missed, if not, this is going to be your debut to becoming one.

Dave Matthews Band - Live at Folsom Field, Colorado
Price: $ 16.99

Their second offering for the year, as they continue to average 1 album per year for the last 8 years! This band has it as it uncovers more depth in their songs via live recordings of their best gigs. This in fact is their 4th or 5th live album. Maybe not the best, but surely it captures the best songs including "Everyday". So its a good deal too.