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2nd of a Double Header
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Released : on its 3rd Week of Release
Genre: Indie Biopic

The Indie film of the season! This great comedy film will indeed make you laugh. In the same genre of indie biopics such as Amelie and Y Tu Mama Tambien, Big Fat Greek Wedding tops both in terms of laughs per second. Guess who produced it? Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hanks himself.

Toula Portokalos' Greek family has 3 traditional values - "Marry a Greek boy, have Greek babies, and feed everyone." Despite living in Chicago all her 30-years, she has lived a life with a dysfunctional family (with Windex as the probably the only thing in their emergency kit), and a boring life as a "seat attendant" despite her education. When she falls in love with a College Professor, Ian, (played by ole familiar Aidan in Sex and the City), Toula struggles to get her family to accept her eager fiance while she herself comes to terms with her heritage, her cultural identity, and their meddlesome ways.

An overly used-storyline and very much Filipinized, the film takes you back to thinking whether marrying is indeed worth it with all its pitfalls (marrying the family, all the adjustments, raising kids with a different set of values, etc etc). This film touches both the realities that "our past should not hinder our present and future". Openness to present culture should be the mentality. In short, norms and leaving up to it shouldnt be Greek to all of us.


To Follow Soon
Femme Fatale
Released : November 8, 2002
Starring: Rebecca Romijn Stamos and Antonio Banderas

Review to follow. Didnt pursue triple play since hearing mass was better than the numerous striptease by Mrs. Stamos.