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Tori Resurrected
Tori Amos - "Scarlet's Walk"
Released : November 5, 2002

Whew! I really thought I'd be ending my collection of Tori Amos' CDs with Strange Little Girls, although critically acclaimed, wasn't Tori at all! (someone borrowed my European-released copy and I'm not even itching to get it back). Just to let you know, all you Tori fans, she's bacccccck!

Her first all-original album in years, Scarlet's Walk was an album composed after 9-11, with tracks being written on a road trip. Tori fans will be glad that she comes out with a bang - an 18-track all solid album. Start with "Amber Waves" and a 7-minute song entitled "I Can't See New York" where you will probably hear her best solo piano intro yet, wistfully singing "From here, no lines are drawn"...and the piano wasps great music....wow....imagine playing it with the wind entering your window and allowing the curtain to be blown away...floating.

If Sarah M has "Dear God", Tori has "mrs. jesus". And Vanessa Carlton should go back to the studios and learn from the original. Great great great album!


Completes My Sarah Collection
Sarah McLachlan - "Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff" (Import)
Released : So Rare, it wasnt even released in the US
Genre: It's Sarah Music

Rarities : cover of XTC's "Dear God" (the best hated song in the CD), Joni Mitchell's "Blue" and "Song for a Winter Night", Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday" -live! All 5 stars!
B-Sides: Bro McMullen "I Will Remember You" (the best B side ever); "Fear", "Full of Grace" All 5 stars!
Other Stuff: Remixed versions of "Drawn to the Rhythm", "Shelter", "As the End Draws Near", "Vox", "Into the Fire" and "Possession" - predecessor of her own Philippine released "Remixes"

Enough said. Get it if you can find one.