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Aimee - Like We Know Her To Be
Aimee Mann - "Lost in Space"
Released : August 27, 2002

She's better known to 80s kids as Til Tuesday's lead vocals or to 90s movie-fans for the soundtrack of Magnolia. I know Aimee as my best evidence of "last song syndrome". Listening to "Driving Sideways" and "Calling It Quits" would always result to humming the tune the rest of the day. In Lost In Space, at least 3 songs will create the same effect - haunting, easily recognizable as Aimeeng-Aimee, and really great tunes. Listen to "Humpty Dumpty", "The Moth" and the title track and tell me if this album can top what Bachelor No.2 has done. It's hard to follow up a great album such as Bachelor No.2 (recently available in the Philippines, the last time I checked) but this latest one was able to do it. Take it!