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Dead Man Writing
"Journals" by Kurt Cobain
Released : November 4, 2002

It’s so hard to be caught in between reviewing a Journal from 28 or so notebooks and not go back and see if the man deserves to be called a “martyr” or an icon in the likes of Marley, Lennon or Hendrix. As they say, “he is a victim of his own undoing”. We don’t want to go there. So lets just do number 1 and not discuss how fucked up the guy was or how genius his writing were. Lets just get on the journal and review it.

If you read through the journal, which are scans of the actual pages from Cobain’s own notebooks, you’d know at the start that the man had depth, had passion and knew what he was talking about. He’s the ultimate journalist- the blogger of all bloggers. From lyrics, to poetry to doodles and to his being a curmudgeon in the end. The genius dies evidenced by the incoherence from the middle til the end of the journals. Why he wrote journals (which were often taken from his hotel rooms), we dont know. Why do you blog?

This is the first time that I’m not buying something that I reviewed. I came back and read it for 5 days in Borders and I have no plans of reading them again in the future. (Although) the price of Journals has been dropping from $29.95, to $20.97 to $ 17.97 in Amazon.

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