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I also have implants in my brains
Michal Jackson's Nose
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There is definitely something wrong with the Peter Pan of Pop. Well we knew about that since he started getting prettier than his own sister, Janet in the late 80s, or when he started to look like his idol, Diana Ross in the early 80s, or maybe even before that when he started to bring different types of animals during recording shoots. Well, we fairly know that MJ was a jacko or a wacko eversince.

But did you notice his nose when he took off that surgical mask during a $21 million trial (for Contract Reneging) at Sta. Maria recently? Wow. Experts say that the type of nose Jackson had when he was singing "Ben" til "Rock With You" days had to have bone implants which for a while will go back in time to its original condition. This may be is the reason for that "cartilege-like" protrusion coming out of Michael's nose.

Wow. And I call this blog site a review site.