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The Secret is Hermione
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson
Directed by: Chris Columbus
Opened : November 15, 2002

Goodbye Columbus. Really this second installment was a great goodbye for the director. Describing the film as "A lot of humor and ten times the action", that's how last time director compares this sequel to his first directorial baby. Truly it is. The movie showing a much bigger and matured Potter also targetted a bigger audience (to include matured ones, including a pair of septuagenarians beside us in the moviehouse) adding a great deal of edge to the once just delightful film. Now even the exciting Quidditch game will actually turn you over your seat not wanting Harry to be hit by that cannonball like thing or those serpents and giant spiders which come walking toward you like in 3-d movies. There is also the question of slavery for that computer-generated Dobby character which might raise eyebrows for some.

This film was almost true to the text. Adding some spice on the Chamber of Secrets scenes did the movie well. In fact, I'll stick out my head in saying that this is one of the first times that the movie is better than the book.