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Not A Chick-book At All
Confessions of a Shopaholic
(February 6, 2001), Released in the Philippines in 2002
310 pages
Author: Sophie Kinsella

Wow, just the first of another hilarious trilogy of chic brands and all the alibis in the world. This book on financial planning really tells more than being a shopaholic. (or putting some rocket science in believing that that merchandise is calling for you to take it home). It shows that even in London, Manhattan or in Ortigas, financial difficulty is universal. Or maybe not. Its just a matter of putting first things first and not throw bills away in a pit, or dodge telemarketers and still find them in conferences. Rebecca Bloomwood is no different to me. And after finishing the book, I zeroed out all my credit card balances.

A friend told me it was a chick book, other than the colors of the cover's spine - hot pink, the contents are not. Go for it.

This book can have a subtitle "Catch Me If You Can" - but that is another review (see above)