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Crowded House Classic
Don't Dream Its Over
Released January 2003
From the CD : Sixpence None the Richer's "Divine Discontent"

"There She Goes" made me buy Sixpence's prior CD. Consequently, "Don't Dream Its Over" made me buy Divine Discontent. The results were not the same. The album is a great example of a CD that passes through the process of acquiring taste. This means that to like it, needs 1,001 spins on your CD player, if not, drastic results of playing just one song will persist. "Breathe Your Name" is the carrier single, but I've continued to go straight to track 4 just to reminisce Crowded House's great 1987 single. For me, its a good cover since Leigh Nash, SNTR's lead, gave justice to the original. Although you'd still miss the guitar-intro that is so Crowded House from this cover.

The rest of the album, which follows at the heels of their major crossover decision from gospel to rock (An album which included hits like "Kiss Me", "There She Goes"), might make you feel divinely discontent. Don't get the album just for "Don't Dream Its Over".


Joni Mitchell Remake
Big Yellow Taxi - CD Single
Released January 13, 2003
CD by: Counting Crows with Vanessa Carlton

Part of the soon to be released soundtrack of "Two Weeks Notice", this collaborative effort of Counting Crows and pianist pixie, Vanessa Carlton is one of your run-off-the-mill remakes of a Joni Mitchell hit. Not counting "On Both Sides Now", this could be one of the most remade tracks from Miss Mitchell. This one stands out as a great effort for a band and a solo artist who last year released their personal albums. Adam Duritz's voice were great but he might have needed a back up to the "doo wop wop" part, thus Vanessa Carlton was included. Other tracks in the CD single are: 1. Big Yellow Taxi (Album Verison) (Ft Vanessa Carlton); 2. If I Could Give All My Life (Richard Manuel Is Dead) (Live/Acoustic) ; 3. Hard Candy (Live/Acoustic); 4. Big Yellow Taxi (Enhanced Video) (Ft Vanessa Carlton). At costs of singles at $9-12, get the Original Soundtrack if you are just after the song. The live version of Big Candy may not be worth it, nor the enhanced video.