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Who's Beside You? On Your Passenger Seat?
Stephen Speaks “No More Doubt”
Released January 2003
Price: Php 450.00

“Passenger Seat” undoubtedly reached no.1 on Philippine airwaves not without issues of identity crisis whether it was the latest release of then popular John Mayer, but as soon as the name of the band behind the hit song was mentioned, everyone knew that Stephen Speaks – had a lot to say.

No doubt their album “No More Doubt” takes all the apprehension as the 12-track Christian Rock album (with 2 bonus acoustic tracks – including, yes, “Passenger Seat”) is as solid as Peter the Rock. Tracks such as “On My Way”, “Out of My League”, “Communion”, “Toe the Line” are as good as “Passenger Seat”.

If you mistook them as John Mayer (especially with the song “On My Way”) what with the flair and display of acoustic prowess, their lyrics will make Steven Curtis Chapman green in envy. To know what “Passenger Seat” really means. Click here.

Catch them in their forthcoming (sold out) concert tour of DLSU, Ateneo and the Fort starting February 5, 2003. Its been awhile that this CD has been in my car CD and the case on my passenger seat. No more doubt, there are more room for squares!


Sibling + 1 Genius
Nickel Creek “This Side”
Released January 2003
Price: Php 425.00

“Its foreign on this side, but it feels like I’m home again.” Says the chorus of the title track, one of the best tracks on “This Side” the 2nd album of Nickel Creek, composed of siblings, Sean and Sara Watkins who fiddle with the strings and the guitar and interchange in lead and harmony vocals. Chris Thile completes this California trio. Chris play the mandolin and also sings on some of the tracks reminiscent of a combination of acoustic pop, Celtic, to alternative indie. Such wide range of string strumming is best heard with a headphone or in a car with windows rolled down traveling at 20kph in the Skyway at dawn. Stand outs such as covers of “Spit on a Stranger”, “Should’ve Known Better”, and “House Carpenter” saves the trio from the sophomore jinx. The downside is on their original composition, except for “This Side”, their writing ability pales in comparison (sad to say) to their genius string talent.

“Just don’t want you to be sorry you didn’t try”, as they end “Young” – you too will be if you don’t get this Alison Kraus-produced album.