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Not To Be Missed
Released: December 2002
Director : Rob Marshall
Cast: Renee Zelwegger (Best Actress), Richard Gere (Best Actor), Catherine Zeta Jones, Queen Latifah, John C. Reilly, Christine Baranski and Lucy Liu (cameo role)

A trend is being set, with a great serving of musicals for the last 2 years. After "Moulin Rouge", "Chicago", stands to be the movie that will continue the trend for multi-awarded great song and dance numbers interspersed into a movie screenplay.

Renee, as Roxie Hart, the dreamy murderer, Richard, as a conniving shrewd lawyer, and Catherine, as a washed out stage star, were great in their respective solo performances. Queen Latifah, the "motherly" prison chief, and John Reilly, the devoted husband, were scene stealers. Choosing one great memorable number from the film that includes a great ventriloquist scene between Renee and Richard (which for me was their best number together), a tango number that in fact tells a lot of stories, a monologue by Renee ending with a Madonasque-dance number. Every performance is a symbolism for truth or fiction, for life and death, every performance is a volume of film script pages. The beauty of the film lies in the fact that the musical numbers were entertaining, at the same time showed great acting that lead the viewer to understand the storyline at the same time clap their hand at the end of every performance.

"Chicago" where murder becomes entertainment. "Chicago" a movie that's very entertaining, you'd commit a crime to get a "DVD"* copy! Watch it again and again. And love it every time.

* - "DVD" Copy is very clear