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Beyond Words - The Music of Gary V
Released: January 2003
Price: P 250

1. Take Me Out of the Dark - Jay Cayuca (Electronic Violin)
2. Sana Maulit Muli - Renato Lucas (Cello)
3. Could You Be Messiah - Raul Sunico (Acoustic Piano)
4. More and More - Noel Mendez and Cezar Aguas (Acoustic Guitar)
5. Each Passing Night - Geronimo Marques (Trombone)
6. Wag Mo Na Sanang Isipin - Eddie Katindig (Vibes)
7. Shout 4 Joy - Parliament Syndicate
8. Di Bale Na Lang - Tony Maigue (Flute)
9. What More Can I Say - Terry Undag (Flugelhorn)
10. Until Then - Tots Tolentino (Sax)
11. Laughter All the Time - Colby dela Calzada (Electric Bass) and Mel Villena (Blues Harp)
12. Look In Her Eyes - DJ Shytown
13. Eto Na Naman - Mon Faustino and Zebedee Zuniga (Voices)
14. Victory - Perf de Castro (Electric Guitar)

Tribute albums are, like to Forrest Gump, a box of chocolates, you don't know know what to expect. This CD is the same. It starts with a great violin rendition of Take Me Out of the Dark, and until the third song, Could You Be Messiah, will be passable. But it starts to lose its novelty, more so with Shout 4 Joy. Then slightly picks up with a flute rendition of Di Bale Na Lang. And then loses you again. By then, you would like to ditch the CD, although you shouldn't since Laughter All the Time and Eto Na Naman (with Prince-like Mon Faustino on vocals) are to come. In between, you can start pressing fast forward, after a minute of every track but definitely not waste time with DJ Shytown's Look In Her Eyes.

Individually, I like Eddie K and Parliament Syndicate. I love Gary V with his voice and up tempo rhythm. But if you take a gold fish from the fishbowl, the results are beyond words. Overall, harsh it may seem but I would have bought myself a box of chocolates instead.