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Initially Available at 7-11
Vanilla Coke
Released: February 2003
Price: same as regular Coke in cans

Vanilla Coke...if you pour its contents to a glass and put ice with it, will it rap "Ice Ice baby"?

This is a joke of course (understood only by '80s jologs), but I tried the ultimate taste test - Drinking cola with and without ice. Mixing it on the rocks will surely bring out the fizz in any cola. This is the secret of Classic Coke over Pepsi, of which they had to weirdly re-formulate in the 80s although everything now is history.

Recently in the Philippine shores is this new formulation which last year took the US by surprise. A lot of Coke-addicts, who are either diabetic or have a large belly, wouldnt mind adding creme flavor into cola (or rootbeer, if they ordered rootbeer float from A&W) but not to their Coke. With Vanilla Coke, you get the usual Coke taste as you play with it in your mouth and the aftertaste of vanilla when you gulp it. The sensation is unexplainable. To some it might be different.

Oh, with the Ice Ice test, Vanilla Coke failed it. To pass the test, the carbonated drink must be good even without ice (see Regular Coke, Mountain Dew and Pepsi Twist). Coke Is Still It. Regular Coke for me. But as they have placed in 7-11 and its standees - "Curious ka no?" - so go ahead and taste it. Make sure you place ice or you'd end up with melted ice cream with left over Coke. yuck.