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My Dream Cover
This review is not from an Atenean
It's Our Time: The Ateneo Blue Eagles' Unforgettable 2002 Championship Season - this time, the Book
Availability: commercially, February 2003 from all Powerbooks
Price: P 500 - affordable to 7650 -toting Atenistas ONLY
Contents: Great narrative from Ruey De Vera
Images: If you have 20-minutes of your free time, you can freely pore over a copy from Powerbooks Arnaiz (I opened one book and placed it under Psychology (guess why?) and another one, I placed rightfully under "Crafts and Hobbies" - specifically "Photography").
Saving Grace: Jake Versosa and his great eye for moments and capturing 'em.
Worth It?: Don't ask this sour-graping loyalty awardee grad from that notoriously pollution-ridden school down Taft Avenue. We can't afford P 500 for this type of (left blank, intentionally).


Mirinda Orange + 2 more Flavors
Released: February 2003
Availability: 7-11 in PETs, and in major supermarkets for Mirinda Orange Cans

Mirinda Orange The Original flavor. Was consistently the orange flavor of choice until its taste started to liken your kids' orange flavor syrups. Lost out in the mid-90s to Royal Tru Orange and has gone out of the Philippine market until early this year. And what a return it has made! Its taste is better. The Orange flavor is less biting, and doesn't leave that "gamot" after taste. Will surely be a hit for people who were once Mirinda lovers. Like me.

Mirinda Mango Tango. The advent of the flavor so popular in fruit juices and tetra-briks is now in carbonated form. Personally I think its the best among the 3 Mirinda flavors. Mangong-mango. Perfect for those times that you want to save on time and want to serve something fruity. No more mixing. No more opening of tetra briks which give you only 200ml of liquid. This is something to really be concerned of, if I were Coke or Nestea.

Mirinda Apple. Eversince, apple flavor ranks lower than lemon, orange, mango and grape (in that order) among fruit drinks. Mirinda Apple should change that soon. The apple flavor can even be a good add-on to apple laden recipes or pastries. No kidding.

What's good with the Mirinda flavors is that the carbonation is not high, thus even kids can enjoy them (especially the colors of the drink) with less concerns on high caffeine or sugar content present in colas. Still - it is the cheapest form of quenching thirst. One bottle for 750 ml can be shared by 3 kids. That is P 5.50 per glass. Cheap na masarap pa.

We should know, we grew up with softdrinks (no iced tea or limited brands of fruit juice packs) and we turned out - well - normal. Right?