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featuring Slapshock
Rivermaya - Live and Acoustic
Filmed and Recorded Live on May 18, 2002 from the Double Trouble
Akoustic Rampage concert at the Music Museum
Price: P 250; 13-track Audio CD, 7 Videos, and 2 Bonus videos

Several times during the live performance, Rico Blanco asks the audience - "Sabay, Sabay tayo" - only to hear a whimper of people following his plea. Several times during the gig, did we hear the crowd liven up and mostly on the guest artist's portion (especially on Agent Orange). Consider Slapshock, the premier Rap Metal band of the Philippines as your guest and you ensure additional sales from a market totally different from your alternative sound. Rivermaya had their days (and you can feel that they were great when your hear "Umaaraw, Umuulan"), but those have been years ago, more than 5. The redeeming value here are the Videos. Great concepts and really great shots. Worth it? Bitch slap me please. Slapshock anytime of the day, but not as guest artists.