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Good Reference
Guide to Restaurants in Metro Manila
Available: Powerbooks

The last compendium of restaurant reviews for Metro Manila was printed in 1994, which included Doreen Fernandez and Sandy Daza as guest reviewers. It was a great book that certified foodies (like me and my wife) almost made a census of all top rating restos and compared our reviews from that of the food critics. During the dot-com era, there was Localvibe.com, and then copied by food.ph and improved further by www.clickthecity.com. Info needed for that late night craving for sisig near Ultra will not be provided from your trusty phone. Only a book inside a dashboard, as small as your back pocket, will be able to provide you up to the much-needed detail of budget for two, ambience and more importantly - how to get there - the map! This book has been with me for only 3 days, I'd say it's well researched and updated (it even included SM Bicutan, which only opened in December).

Certified foodies, get your own copy - now! Or maybe just click on Disaster Mari, a site (updated monthly - hahaha) which provides personal encounter topped with well written reviews without the backlash of wanting to sound good. A second opinion won't hurt. So choose your wild.