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Hot as your Coconut Hut
Viva Hot Babes - the DVD
Available: in VCD (P 250) or DVD (P 350) versions
Starring: Viva Film's Maui Taylor, Katya Santos, Andrea del Rosario, Kristine Jaca, Gwen Garci, Jen Rosendhal, Hazel and Nicola

Vital Statistics:
Out of 60 minutes possible viewing time - only 28 minutes of real hotscenes.
Out of 28 minutes, only 5 minutes show why they are called Viva Hot Babes.
Out of the 8 Hot Babes, only 5 have natural God-given mammary glands.
Out of the 5 natural Eves, all 5 bared their assets. Biggest pair was like a size 38.
Out of the 3 Enhanced Jugs - Maui had the worst pair.
5 of the 8 can not even speak straight English. Cowh-coh.
3 of the 8 are fluent, and this added Ganda points for them.
Best scene was the Pintadas. 4 of the best 5 minutes of the DVD.
Most underrated Hot Babe : Gwen Garci - a real daredevil - no fear!