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Did I See Flash the Movie?
Starring: Matt Murdock/Daredevil: Ben Affleck; Elektra: Jennifer Garner ; Kingpin/Fisk: Michael Clarke Duncan; Bullseye: Colin Farrell ; Franklin Nelson: Jon Favreau ; Urich: Joe Pantoliano

What can one do in 114 minutes? First, if you have that little time to tell a worn out origin of a hero, don't waste your time in character building. We all know, Superheroes have some vendetta in mind. Scarred. Bullied. Trapped in their make believe world that they can help the helpless. Fast forward to the real action. That's where this movie was good at. Light moments combining the action shots of "Matrix" and "Crouching Tiger" and improving on both of them (6 reverse somersaults huh, and see-saws this time instead of bamboo). What can one do in 114 minutes. A lot. But Daredevil didnt hack it. It left us asking ourselves, why isnt he getting his objectives of being the "Guardian Devil", does he leave in the church or near it?, is that the same sleeping chamber used by Mel Gibson in "Forever Young" or was it Jacko's cryochamber. And what was it that images showing or wanting to prove that Daredevil is a Catholic kept on flashing in front of us. Ben Affleck was good in "Changing Lanes", Collin Farrel is good in the "Recruit", but please both hunks look awful with Affleck's Fun Boy Three hairdo and Farrell's Andre Agassi look.

Jennifer Garner is stunning. Stunningly handsome. Looked like a hunk herself with that protruded jawbone and Duncan was huge. He should have been electocuted in "Green Mile" instead of playing the part of the Kingpin. There were no real bad guys in this film. I didnt get the shivers from Bullseye nor from Kingpin. I didnt get excited with Daredevil at all. If you leave without fear, then watch it. I fear for your P 100. Its a waste of money, for a 114 minute film.