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You've Seen This Film, I'm Sure
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Starring: Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson
Direction: Donald Petrie

How to Lose An Audience in 10 Ways:
10. Start a Film with a Lame Soundtrack (what was that music?)
9. Give a weak characterization for both Matthew's and Kate's characters
8. Make a plot, the usual plot, about making bets on falling in and out of love.
7. Cast two beautiful people and place them in an ugly storyline
6. After Wedding Planner, cast Matthew McConaughey in the same genre of a film - The boring genre.
5. Spend countless precious minutes to show that the film is a mini-me version of Runaway Bride, American Sweethearts and What Women Want all rolled into a poorly packaged short story.
4. Base it on a book that can never proclaim it was in the New York Times bestsellers list
3. Uh. oh, have the film direction made by who else - the director of Miss Congeniality.
2. ,who happens to be the director of the ill-fated The Martian
1. Have a Title that starts on "How To Lose" - you'd surely will if you see this film.