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3rd Album
Barbie's Cradle
Album Title: Playing in the Fields
Released by: Warner Music Phils. (March 2003)
Price: Php 280.00

Barbie’s Cradle’s long awaited third album has been released in the first week of March amidst quiet and less pompous ways. No major concerts, no major TV guest appearances, but via non-traditional but effective radio on board interviews, MTV guest appearances, and even the parallel launch of its website, (http://www.barbiescradle.virtualave.net) which will be a shoo-in for webbies of the year. The convergence of lyrics being seen only from the website was irritating but unique. Probably saving on liner notes, replaced ably by great photography using the titles of the tracks placed on surreal scenes. The photography alone is worth P100 of the money you pay for.

BC takes off from its 2 prior releases studying the best of both CDs and bringing them to this third album. There are 2 original Filipino songs, “Idlip” which will not make you sleep, one remake “Limang Dipang Tao”, and mostly great writing from its chief writer, Barbie Almalbis and collaboration with Wendell Garcia and Rommel dela Cruz.

The album starts with the carrier single “All I Need (Is God)” and ends with the BC style of inserting free music into their albums. Their second CD had “Floating” on Track 21 and here there is a percussion-ful drum and bass music without words, a full minute after the last song. Notable tracks are “Everyday” and the samba inspired, “Dragonflies”, but fan-favorite “Playing in the Fields” and U2-sound-alike “Independence Day” steals some thunder despite not being sung in prior gigs of BC.

Take it and Love it.