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Overpowering Yet Melodramatic
Talk To Her
Starring: Javier Camara, Dario Grandinetti, Leonor Waitling
Directed by: Pedro Almodovar

One of the best foreign language films in 2002, this 114-minute masterpiece is a venture into various scenarios with communication as the centerpiece, among others. What will a nurse do to a love-from-afar who’s left to a comatose state? What will a partner do to a female matador accidentally gored by the bull and is left lying in the hospital? To both, the answer is to talk to her.

In some scenes, you’d see the genius of Almodovar in using symbolisms to allow the viewer to have his interpretation and then revealing the answer several scenes after. Maybe even not revealing it all. Did Benigno do it? Was Marco a lover or a friend to him? Questions you’d only understand if you watch this compelling film. See it.