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One Sister, After Another
About Adam (2001)
Starring: Kate Hudson (Almost Famous, How To Lose a Guy) and Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned)
Directed by: Gerard Stembridge (directorial debut)

This video is scary. Picture your sister's fiance trying to seduce you. And you're a guy. ugh. The storyline is so sexy that you can't help but be drawn to the central character of the film - Adam - played by Stuart Townsend. It starts with Lucy (Kate Hudson), a waitress in a Dublin cafe with a great voice (see Kate here, see Kate sing, see Kate sing three times!), and Adam falling for each other. Lucy feels that Adam is God-sent, and moreover it is cemented by the fact that the family loves him so much. Literally, love him. From Lucy's mom (Rosaleen Linehan), to her two sisters ( Frances O Connor and Charlotte Bradley), worse, even brother, David (Alan Maher) falls into the trap.

Catch the film and its non-linear presentation with details left out to provide 4-different vantage points - Lucy's, the sisters, the brother, and that of Adam. There's something about About Adam that you have to find out. See it.