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May Trick You
Matrix Reloaded (2003)
Starring: Keannu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie Ann Moss
Directed by: Andy and Larry Wachowski

The original Matrix was a tough act to follow. It was billed to be the sci-fi film that changed the terrain of sci-fi movies. With that opening statement, you'd surely feel I'm giving Reloaded a cop out.

Yes, Reloaded didnt come at par with Matrix 1, BUT, in fact over exceeded my expectations. It was almost in the same plane with its own action sequences, mostly improving the fight scenes of Matrix 1. But to compare it with its brother is unfair. You can compare it to Star Wars and how some scenes were kind of ripped off from the Phantom Menace.

Reloaded has its better points. It has a sex scene (although not what you'd expect for a PG13 movie). It has Monica Bellucci (Malena) and that kiss, yes the kiss. It has Keannu showing off new and better hero tricks (aka Superman and sometimes the Road Runner). It has a million and one agents coming out of nowhere and the disappearing twins too. And what kind of action film will it be if there were no chase scenes more so Freeway 101 car collision action! And o yes, the people from Samsung was able to provide a nifty phone for the sci-fi heros (and they don't throw these gadgets in the trash bins unlike Matrix1), and slip in probably some corporate honchos as part of the cast - like the key maker. If action is what you want - you will get it from Reloaded. See it. We only pay P 120 ($2.40), while Americans shell out $12-15 for it. Do your math. This film's script has a lot of that too.