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Full Choker
Charlie's Angel : Full Throttle (2003)
Starring: Drew, Cameron, Lucy and Demi Moore
Directed by: McG

Ok tell me class, why did we ever see the film?:

1. Why was Bruce Willis cast for a mere 2 minutes with one inaudible line ?
2. What was the plot of the film? Who were they looking for in the first place?
3. What were the rings all about? Was there supposed to be a hobbit to guard the rings?
4. Why was Jaclyn Smith still good looking after 30 years? A result of CGI maybe?
5. Why was Drew fat-assed in some scenes, and then Karen Carpenter-sexy in some and then back to Lewinsky-sized in the next scenes? or was that Monica Lewinsky after all?
6. Tell me the meaning of the "The Coal Bowl" and the scene's relevance to the movie?
7. Why was the Griffith Observatory used after all, they could have used another tall building.
8. Why didnt Demi Moore kill all 3 when she wanted to be the best Angel after all?
9. What happened to Bill Murray?
10. Why was Pink in the movie?
The answer to why I wanted to see the film? Demi Moore. That's all. Case dismissed.