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Not Cameron Anymore?
Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenneger, Kristanna Loken, Nick Stahl (In the Bedroom)
Directed by: Jonathan Mostow (Director, Spy Game, U-571)

Was it 12 years ago when Arnold uttered those lines "Hasta La Vista, baby"? But here we are again with another Terminator more than a decade after. But this time, we get some links from the past, like the attire of Arnold - it wasnt made for him - he stole it from a macho dancer with a village people eyeglasses in tow.

Just like the previous 2 James Cameron films, Mostow was loyal to the action per minute sci-fi that became a precedent for those loud blaring-jump-from-your-seat thrillers. This one is no different. With a female, doubly stronger Terminator (Terminatrix, Loken), Arnold faces the tough role of protecting the one and only link to stop the rule of machines in the future.

It is less 2-hours of non-stop action, a big break from your summer flick-full of comic-book heroes and a trio of flying angels. If not for the FHM-Stuff-Maxim bodied Loken, this film would have its dull moments, especially watching the now slow-moving Arnie S. now pushing 50s and still can't utter a clear and audible English sentence.

Arnold is so 70s. Action and Storytelling is so 80s. Effects are 90s. But the theme of weapons of mass destruction is so Bush 2003.