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This time a Canadian
"Michael Buble"
CD :: Michael Buble
Released : May 2003

Another one of those outstanding new talents just coming out of their diapers (see Lerche, Groban, Mayer, and Norah). But this one gets in faster than the rest. First, he gets both David Foster and Paul Anka to produce his no original-all cover self-titled album. Then he gets 3 tracks from the same album to be part of the "Down With Love" soundtrack. And he gets another album to be released in a week's time entitled "Totally Buble". That makes it 2.5 albums in less than half a year. Wow.

The versatility of his voice is apparent in this release as he covers tracks of great balladeers from the 50s (Anka, Darin and Sinatra), 70s (Van Morrison - not a balladeer for sure) to the 80s (Bee Gees, or were they 70s too?). And he makes all 13 covers in great fashion - the Buble (pronounced as Bub-layh) way!

If you got Rod Stewart's The Great American Songbook just before this CD (which apparently I did), you'd end up playing Rod at home and Buble in the car. The latter is great for those traffic-laden Manila highways. Take it. I said Take It.